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Implementing Samba 4

By : Marcelo Leal
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Implementing Samba 4

By: Marcelo Leal

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Implementing Samba 4
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Understanding the power of Python and the Samba 4 Server

Now that we already know how to explore the Python interpreter and the Samba 4 Python bindings, we will explore another great feature of the open source community: the source code. I think a general rule for learning programming, and it really works for me, is to actually look at the source code and learn from the examples. The Samba 4 source code has a lot of examples and scripts used to run tests on the compiled server, which we can use to learn many things. The example code combined with our technique to explore the modules and documentation should be sufficient for us to create a full piece of code that we can be proud of.

It seems there was a bug on Debian GNU/Linux-based distributions regarding the library [64]. If you face any issues loading some Samba 4 Python bindings, try to install the libdcerpc-server0 package (for example, apt-get install libdcerpc-server0). The idea is to show an approach where we can go from...