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Linux Mint Essentials

By : Jay LaCroix
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Linux Mint Essentials

By: Jay LaCroix

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Linux Mint Essentials
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Changing the default search engine in Firefox

In the preceding section, it was mentioned that the version of Firefox included with Mint differs from the others in the way that the search engine settings are configured. In this section, we'll walk you through the process.


If you are already satisfied with Mint's default search engine (Yahoo), then there is no need for you to complete this activity. Feel free to skip it if you wish.

So, why does Mint use Yahoo as its default search engine? The main reason is revenue. Maintaining and developing a Linux distribution is a very expensive job. A lot of bandwidth is regularly consumed not only by those who are downloading the ISO image itself but also by the many updates that are released and regularly downloaded by its users. Yahoo shares revenue, which its users generate while searching online, with Linux Mint. This is one of the ways that Mint generates funding to keep itself going.

The process of changing the default search engine in Firefox...