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vSphere Virtual Machine Management

By : Rebecca Fitzhugh
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vSphere Virtual Machine Management

By: Rebecca Fitzhugh

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vSphere Virtual Machine Management
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Using esxtop

The esxtop and resxtop commands enable command-line monitoring for real-time ESXi host resource usage for each of the core four resources: CPU, memory, network, and disk. When this tool is used interactively, the data is viewed on different types of screens, one for each of the resources. The data presented includes some metrics that are not accessible using the overview or advanced performance charts. The fundamental difference between resxtop and esxtop is that esxtop can only be started through the local ESXi Shell of the ESXi host (through the DCUI or SSH) whereas resxtop can be used remotely.

There are three modes of execution available for esxtop and resxtop:

  • Interactive mode: This is the default mode. This option provides real-time statistics that can be viewed by navigating throughout the different resource screens.

  • Batch mode: This mode allows the collection of data in order to save the resource utilization statistics in a file. To do this, use the command esxtop –b &gt...