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vSphere Virtual Machine Management

By : Rebecca Fitzhugh
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vSphere Virtual Machine Management

By: Rebecca Fitzhugh

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vSphere Virtual Machine Management
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Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS)

A datastore cluster is a collection of datastores that can be grouped together to work as a single unit or as separate entities. To gain full benefit of a datstore cluster, Storage DRS should be enabled. When a datastore cluster is enabled for Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (Storage DRS or SDRS), this feature balances across the datastore cluster based on the datastore usage and the I/O latency. Datastore clusters are not necessarily connected or related to an ESXi host cluster.

Overview of SDRS

Storage DRS will manage the initial placement of virtual machines in a datastore cluster based on the space usage and I/O load balancing. The feature will attempt to keep the usage as evenly distributed as possible across the datastores in the datastore cluster. Storage DRS requires the vSphere Enterprise Plus license.

Storage DRS can also be configured to balance the I/O latency across the datastore members of the datastore cluster to help mitigate...