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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By : Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven
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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By: Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven

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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials
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An overview of ThinApp integration

ThinApp support in Horizon Workspace relies on clients having the Horizon Agent installed locally. The Horizon Agent is used for both Horizon Files' local synchronization, and also for ThinApp deployment and entitlement. In this book, we are using Horizon Agent Version 1.5.2.

If you are using the Horizon Agent only for ThinApp entitlements, you can disable the Horizon Files synchronization feature using the following command during the installation of the agent:

VMware-Horizon -Workspace-1.x.x-XXXX.exe /v ENABLE_DATA=0

There are two different deployment methods supported in Horizon Workspace 1.5: local deployment method and streaming deployment method. Local deployment means that the ThinApp packages are copied down to the client's hard disk and executed from there. Streaming is when users stream the packaged Windows application from a network share. Streaming is still executing on the local client, but all the bits necessary to execute the application are...