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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By : Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven
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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials

By: Joel Lindberg, Peter Bjork, Peter von Oven

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VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials
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Enabling Horizon management in your ThinApp packages

In order for your ThinApp packages to be able to be managed by Horizon Workspace, you must activate Horizon Workspace management within your packages. The following are the three methods to achieve this:

  • During the capturing of your Windows application.

    In Setup Capture, you can specify the package to be managed using Horizon Workspace.

  • Manually add the following Horizon Workspace parameters in your package's package.ini file and rebuild your project folder:

    ;-------- Horizon Parameters ----------
  • Run relink.exe using the -h parameter.

    You can activate the Horizon Workspace management on the existing packages without the need to rebuild the whole project folder. Simply execute relink.exe -h PathToPackage\Package.exe and relink will inject Horizon management into the package.


If you use relink and your package contains multiple entry points and a separate data container, it is important to run...