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Learning VMware vSphere

By : Rebecca Fitzhugh, Abhilash G B
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Learning VMware vSphere

By: Rebecca Fitzhugh, Abhilash G B

Overview of this book

Computer virtualization is a method to enable the running of multiple application workloads on a machine to achieve efficient utilization and reduce the number of physical machines in a data center. This has now become the foundation of many modern day data centers. What began as a technology to virtualize x86 architecture has now grown beyond the limits of a server’s hardware and into the realm of storage and network virtualization. VMware is currently the market leader in developing data center virtualization solutions. This book goes into the details of designing and implementing VMware solutions that form the foundation of a VMware infrastructure. The book begins by introducing you to the concepts of server virtualization followed by the architecture of VMware’s hypervisor – ESXi and then by its installation and configuration. You then learn what is required to manage a vSphere environment and configure advanced management capabilities of vCenter. Next you are taken through topics on vSphere Networking, Storage, ESXi Clustering, Resource Management and Virtual Machine Management. You will then be introduced to SSL Certificate Management and its use in a vSphere environment. Finally, you will learn about the lifecycle management of a vSphere environment by effectively monitoring, patching and upgrading vSphere components using Update Manager. By the end of the book, you will know how to use VMware’s vSphere suite of components to lay the foundation of a modern day virtual infrastructure.
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Learning VMware vSphere
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Using the ESXi Managed Object Browser

The Managed Object Browser (MOB) is a web-based server program that runs on an ESXi host to provide web-based access to all the objects managed by the ESXi host.


Starting with vSphere 6, MOB is disabled by default on ESXi.

Before you can access MOB, you will need to enable it through the Advanced SettingsConfig.HostAgent.plugins.solo.enableMob on the ESXi host. To bring up the Advanced Settings window, navigate to the Configuration tab and then click AdvancedSettings in the Software pane:

Once enabled, you should be able to get to the MOB of the ESXi host using the following URL syntax: https://IP address or FQDN/mob.

The MOB can be used to invoke commands on the objects managed by the ESXi host. For instance, you can invoke the method CurrentTime to retrieve the current date or time value from the host. Hence it requires an authenticated user to access the MOB interface. When you try to access the MOB URL of any ESXi host, you will be prompted for...