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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By : Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch
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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By: Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch

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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Third Edition
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Deleting a Neutron network

The steps to remove a Neutron network are similar to the set of steps we followed to create the network.

Getting ready

Ensure that you have a suitable client available for using Neutron. If you are using the accompanying Vagrant environment, you can use the controller node. This has the python-neutronclient package that provides the neutron command-line client.

If you created this node with Vagrant, you can execute the following command:

vagrant ssh controller 

Ensure you have the following credentials set (adjust the path to your certificates and key file to match your environment if not using the Vagrant environment):

export OS_TENANT_NAME=cookbook
export OS_USERNAME=admin
export OS_PASSWORD=openstack
export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_NO_CACHE=1
export OS_KEY=/vagrant/cakey.pem
export OS_CACERT=/vagrant/ca.pem

How to do it...

To delete a Neutron network for a particular tenant, follow these steps:

  1. List the networks with the following command...