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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By : Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch
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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By: Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch

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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Third Edition
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Installing OpenStack Compute controller services

Before we create a server to run the OpenStack Compute services to run our instances, there are some final services that need be installed on the controller node where the OpenStack Identity and Image services are running. Separating out controller services from the Compute nodes allows us to scale our OpenStack environment resources horizontally in the controller and Compute services.

To do this, we will install some further packages to our controller node that we created in Chapter 1, Keystone – OpenStack Identity Service; Chapter 2, Glance – OpenStack Image Service; and Chapter 3, Neutron - OpenStack Networking, currently running Keystone and Glance. The services are as follows:

  • nova-scheduler: This scheduler picks the server for fulfilling the request to run the instance.

  • nova-api: This is service requests OpenStack to operate the services within it. For example, you make a call to this service to start up a new Nova instance.

  • nova-conductor...