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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By : Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch
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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By: Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch

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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Third Edition
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Configuring OpenStack Compute

The /etc/nova/nova.conf file is a very important file and is referred to many times in this book. This file informs each OpenStack Compute service how to run and what to connect to in order to present OpenStack to our end users. This file will be replicated amongst our nodes as our environment grows.


The same /etc/nova/nova.conf file is used on all of our OpenStack Compute service nodes. Create this once and copy to all other nodes in our environment.

Getting ready

We will be configuring the /etc/nova/nova.conf file on both the Controller host and Compute host.

If you are using the Vagrant environment provided with this book, log in to our OpenStack Controller and Compute hosts using the following commands:

vagrant ssh controller
vagrant ssh compute-01

How to do it...

To run our sandbox environment, we will configure OpenStack Compute so that it is accessible from our underlying host computer. We will have the API service (the service our client tools talk to...