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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By : Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch
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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

By: Egle Sigler, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch

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OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook Third Edition
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Configuring OpenStack Compute with OpenStack Identity Service

With OpenStack Identity Service (Keystone) installed and configured, we now need to tell our OpenStack Compute Service (Nova) that it can be used to authenticate users and services.


The following steps are repeated on all Controller and Compute hosts in our environment.

Getting ready

To begin with, ensure that you’re logged in to our OpenStack compute and Controller hosts. If you did this through Vagrant, you can log in with the following commands in separate shells:

vagrant ssh controller
vagrant ssh compute-01

How to do it...

Configuring the authentication mechanism in our OpenStack Compute sandbox environment is achieved with the following steps:

  1. We first ensure that our OpenStack Compute host has the required python-keystone package installed, if this host is a standalone compute host:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-keystone
  2. Configuration of the OpenStack Compute service to use the OpenStack Identity Service...