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Hyper-V Security

By : Eric Siron, Andrew Syrewicze
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Hyper-V Security

By: Eric Siron, Andrew Syrewicze

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Hyper-V Security
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Securing Hyper-V Replica traffic

Hyper-V Replica functions by periodically transmitting changes in the live virtual machine's hard disk files to its replica machine over the network. Hyper-V Replica offers three security mechanisms to protect this communication. These are all available from the host's Replica Configuration tab. Access it by opening Hyper-V Manager and then right-click on the host and choose Hyper-V Settings. The following screenshot will be used as a reference point for the server configuration discussion:

The first group is Authentication and ports, where we find our first two options. The first is Use Kerberos (HTTP). When this option is selected, the source host and the replica server will use Kerberos to authenticate each other, but then the replication traffic will move unencrypted. This is the fastest replication option but is the least secure. You should only use it when the connections between the two hosts already have a sufficient level of security. Traffic that...