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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By : Luca Dentella
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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By: Luca Dentella

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Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Optimizing the infrastructure

With the help of the monitoring tools previously listed, a system administrator can quickly detect performance issues or infrastructure problems. In this section, I will explain some advanced features and configurations that can be used to resolve these issues and optimize the overall performance.

CPU and memory optimizations

Worker servers can host many concurrent user sessions and applications. These sessions typically consume CPU and memory resources.

A critical aspect is how the operating system distributes the resources across the different sessions. For example, consider a user who is using a spreadsheet to perform complex financial calculations; his session can consume most of the CPU resources available on the server, potentially slowing down the work of other connected users.

XenApp 6.5 offered an internal feature named CPU Utilization Management to optimize CPU allocation. With XenApp 7.5, this feature is no longer available because the latest versions...