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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By : Luca Dentella
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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By: Luca Dentella

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Load balancing and failover

One of the most radical changes the adoption of FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) brought into XenApp 7.5 is in the way resources are delivered to users. Zones, worker groups, load balancing policies, and so on have all been (partially) replaced by new concepts and configurations.


A configuration that's no longer available in XenApp 7.5 is the possibility to limit the number of concurrent executions (instances) of an application.

Machine catalogs and delivery groups

A machine catalog is a collection of identical machines running either a Windows desktop OS or a Windows server OS, with the Delivery Agent installed.

The machines in a catalog can be provisioned through Machine Catalog Services (MCS) or provisioning services, or they can be manually created and added. In Chapter 1, Designing the New FlexCast® Management Architecture, you learned how to configure a dynamic machine catalog with machines managed by MCS.

A delivery group is created to deliver desktops...