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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By : Luca Dentella
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Citrix® XenApp® 7.x Performance Essentials

By: Luca Dentella

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Improving user experience with Citrix® HDX™

HDX is more than a technology; it's a brand that encapsulates several different features, some of which were already available with different names.

HDX™ MediaStream

HDX MediaStream is a set of features that are used to optimize the delivery of video/audio content. It offloads, when possible, the rendering of media content to the user device, reducing the server's CPU load and bandwidth usage. Since the media content is processed on the user's device, the playback is not affected by latency.

Flash Redirection

Adobe Flash is a technology adopted in many websites, including YouTube and other video-hosting services. It's also used in some web applications, for example, the management console of VMware View.

You can configure HDX MediaStream to move the processing of Flash content from the published web browser to the end user device.

A second generation Flash Redirection is included with XenApp 7.5, and the new features are as follows:

  • Support for user connections...