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Learning PowerShell DSC

By : James Pogran
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Learning PowerShell DSC

By: James Pogran

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Learning PowerShell DSC
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Chapter 6. Pulling DSC Configurations

In Chapter 5, Pushing DSC Configurations, we covered how to push a DSC configuration to a target node using Start-DscConfiguration. This method required a lot of steps to be performed each time you provisioned a new target node, as well as a few repetitive steps each time you pushed a new DSC configuration to it. Some of it could be scripted away, but it required extra work to accomplish the automation. A DSC Pull Server provides features that remove the responsibility for automating these steps from you and performs them itself, saving you both time and effort. Throughout the course of this chapter, we will cover the ways DSC Pull Servers will help you in managing the configuration of your target nodes as well as reducing the amount of work you have to perform.

In this chapter, we will cover:

  • Creating DSC Pull Servers

  • Validating a DSC Pull Server install

  • Registering target nodes with a DSC Pull Server

  • Pulling DSC configurations with a DSC Pull Server

  • DSC...