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Proxmox High Availability

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Proxmox High Availability


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Proxmox High Availability
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Testing with the cluster environment

We have gone through one of the most important features provided by a Proxmox cluster. Under HA protection, the VMs are supposed to be online until there is not enough quorum in a cluster. At this stage, I would like to test the cluster functionality first by relocating the VM from one node to another.

Testing an HA service relocation

As a starting point, we need to ensure that the VM can be started up in both the Proxmox nodes. As the VM is HA-protected, we cannot use vzctl start for OpenVZ containers and qm start for KVM machines. Instead, we use clusvcadm with the -e option in the following format:

root@vmsrv01# clusvcadm -e pvevm:<VMID>


In this command, pvevm is used as a prefix to indicate that it is an HA-protected VM.

What if we need to relocate the HA service from one node to another? We use the following command:

root@vmsrv01# clusvcadm -r pvevm:<VMID> <proxmox_node>

Testing the OpenVZ container relocation

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