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Proxmox High Availability

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Proxmox High Availability


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Proxmox High Availability
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Troubleshooting Proxmox cluster problems

In this section, we will go through some common problems that we encounter during the operation of a Proxmox cluster, which are as follows:

  • HA VM start up problem

  • The fenced cluster node cannot recover automatically

  • The cluster member node cannot join back with the cluster

  • The cluster service cannot be restarted because of the DLM lockspace

  • Activity blocked within the cluster

Unable to start the HA-enabled VM

Symptom: When you try to start an HA-enabled VM, the operation fails with the following output:

Executing HA start for VM 201
Member vmsrv01 trying to enable pvevm:201… Aborted; service failed
TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -e pvevm:201 -m vmsrv01' failed: exit code 254

Root cause: So, if you start the HA-enabled VM again, the process will still be unsuccessful with the same output. The problem is that the VM 201 is in the failed status, and so it cannot be turned on:

Solution: The HA service with the failed status cannot be used until we re-enable...