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Proxmox High Availability

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Proxmox High Availability


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Proxmox High Availability
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About the Reviewers

Alessio Bravi has been playing with "bits" since he was 5 years old. He started programming at the age of 6, and soon, he started focusing his attention on network administration and IT systems security, in the best period of the Internet age.

When he was 19 years old, he founded IntSec.NET, where he worked as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He has also worked as a network and security administrator for Italian Internet Services Providers (ISPs/WISPs) and as an IT security consultant for many companies in Europe.

He works only with Unix-like OSes and specializes in IT security analysis, network engineering and administration, autonomous systems BGP routing, IPv4 and IPv6 routing and switching, OS virtualization, and data center management.

He writes some technical articles to share IT hints with the digital world on his personal blog at More on Alessio's technical skills and personal details can be found on his LinkedIn profile page at

David Fischer spent 5 years as a research assistant at Hepia, University of Applied Sciences Geneva, Telecommunications Laboratory, where he focused on building distributed media-oriented platforms, automating the deployment and maintenance of open-source-based network services, and operating cloud-based infrastructures. In the meantime, he got his Master's degree in Information and Communication Technologies. His thesis project, Open Source Cloud Infrastructure for Encoding and Distribution (OSCIED), made in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), was aimed at providing a scalable media open source platform to the members of the EBU. With his colleagues at Sigala Media, based in BC, Canada, Mr. Fischer is now building an advanced cloud transcoding solution called CloudNcode. He lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with his wife, Claire, and child, Eliott.

Philip Iezzi is a Swiss system engineer and web application programmer. He primarily works with Linux server technologies and network security, and has been doing web development since 1999. He devoted a lot of time to open source projects, and he is the author of PowerPhlogger (2000-2006), Pigalle, YaBook, and the Sourdough Application Framework for PHP. In 2003, he founded his own web-hosting company, Onlime Webhosting ( In 2005, he got his Master's degree in Computer Science and Business Informatics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Currently, he is working at Datenpark as a systems engineer, and spends a lot of time on various web projects, specifically Airpane Controlpanel, a user administration backend and CRM. Airpane Controlpanel, a central software component, is used by the web-hosting companies Onlime Webhosting and Datenpark. After gaining some experience with Java, C#, and .NET at Credit-Suisse, he is now strongly focusing again on PHP development with Zend Framework and Symfony2.

As a systems engineer, he is currently maintaining a large number of Debian Linux servers. For him, Virtualization technology plays an important role, and in a 100 percent Linux environment, Proxmox VE with OpenVZ seems like the perfect solution. He reviewed this book after gaining 2 years of experience in Proxmox VE and more than 4 years in OpenVZ.

Besides being such a technical guy, Philip is also father of his beloved girl Luisa.

Damien PIQUET is a French system administrator with experience in virtualized environments. He started working with Proxmox VE in 2011 and deployed his first cluster infrastructure in 2012. He contributes to Proxmox VE by helping in translating it into French. He is also the creator and maintainer of pve-monitor, a Nagios/Shinken plugin for monitoring Proxmox VE in a cluster; this plugin is available at