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Mastering Puppet

By : Thomas Uphill
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Mastering Puppet

By: Thomas Uphill

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Modules from the Forge

Modules on the Puppet Forge can be installed using Puppet's built-in module command. The modules on the Forge have files named Modulefile, which define their dependencies; so, if you download modules from the Forge using puppet module install, then their dependencies will be resolved in a way similar to how yum resolves dependencies for rpm packages.

To install the puppetlabs-puppetdb module, as we did previously, we will simply issue a puppet module install command in the appropriate directory. We'll create a new directory in tmp; for our example this will be /tmp/public3, as shown in the following commands:

git@worker1$ mkdir public3
git@worker1$ cd public3

Then, we'll inform Puppet that our modulepath is /tmp/public3 and install the puppetdb module, using the following commands:

git@worker1 public3$ puppet module install --modulepath=/tmp/public3 puppetlabs-puppetdb
Notice: Preparing to install into /tmp/public3 ...
Notice: Downloading from https://forge.puppetlabs...