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Mastering Puppet

By : Thomas Uphill
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Mastering Puppet

By: Thomas Uphill

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Table of Contents (17 chapters)

Configuring puppetdb – using the forge module

The easy way to configure puppetdb is to use the puppetdb Puppet module on Puppet Forge at The steps to install and use puppetdb that we will outline are as follows:

  1. Install the puppetdb module on Puppet master/worker.

  2. Install puppetlabs-repo and Puppet on puppetdb host.

  3. Deploy the puppetdb module onto puppetdb host.

  4. Update configuration of the Puppet master to use puppetdb.

We will start with a vanilla EL6 machine and install puppetdb using the puppetdb module. In Chapter 4, Public Modules, we used a Puppetfile in combination with librarian-puppet or r10k to download modules. We used the puppetdb module since it was a good example of dependencies; we will rely on puppetdb being available to our catalog worker for this example. If you do not already have puppetdb downloaded, do so now using one of those methods or simply use puppet module install puppetlabs/puppetdb as shown in the following screenshot...