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Configuration Management with Chef-Solo

By : Naveed ur Rahman
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Configuration Management with Chef-Solo

By: Naveed ur Rahman

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Data bags

A data bag is a global variable that is stored in JSON and can be accessed by Chef. It is indexed for searching and loaded by chef-client while executing the recipe.

We can use data bags directly in a JSON file or create them using Knife Solo. First, we will use a simpler approach, that is, updating the password with a JSON file.

Before we proceed further, we will create a JSON file under the same folder of Vagrantfile and use this file to run recipes. The benefit of this approach is that Chef-Solo requires a JSON file to execute recipes, and we can test our JSON file with Vagrant. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create your file in the same folder where Vagrantfile exists:

    # wpblog.json
            "db_password": "dbpass1234"
       "run_list": [
  2. Comment on the add_recipe line in Vagrantfile and add the following code block in Vagrantfile:


    Now, Vagrantfile will look like the following...