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Configuration Management with Chef-Solo

By : Naveed ur Rahman
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Configuration Management with Chef-Solo

By: Naveed ur Rahman

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (13 chapters)


In this chapter, we looked at a modern operating system imaging tool, Docker. We also discussed some of the use cases of Docker and how it can help us manage different versions.

After this, we built Docker with the help of Dockerfile. Once we achieved this, we used an Nginx recipe to build the Docker container and bind the port 80 of the main machine to a Docker image.

We also glanced at some recommendations of using Chef-Solo; these recommendations explain certain advantages and disadvantages of using Chef-Solo in different methods.

Then, we discussed Chef server by looking at its basic components and benefits.

There is still much more to learn about Chef server, and you can continue on the topic with any Chef server reading material.