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Apache Karaf Cookbook

By : Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstorm, Achim Nierbeck, Heath J Kesler
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Apache Karaf Cookbook

By: Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstorm, Achim Nierbeck, Heath J Kesler

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Apache Karaf Cookbook
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Displaying route information in Karaf

Apache Camel provides mechanisms to gather information surrounding the routes deployed inside a Camel Context. The route-info command has been provided to display route properties, statistics, and definitions to Karaf's console.

Getting ready

Follow the instructions in the Listing Camel Contexts in Karaf recipe's Getting ready section for this recipe.

How to do it…

Use the following camel:route-info routeId command to display information on a Camel route to Karaf's console; similar to the camel:context-info command, this command may generate a lot of output:

karaf@root()> camel:route-info CamelRoute-timerToLog 
Camel Route CamelRoute-timerToLog
  Camel Context: CamelCommandContext

    id = CamelRoute-timerToLog
    parent = 20443040

  Inflight Exchanges: 0
  Exchanges Total: 44
  Exchanges Completed: 44
  Exchanges Failed: 0
  Min Processing Time: 0 ms
  Max Processing Time: 2 ms
  Mean Processing Time: 0 ms
  Total Processing...