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Apache Karaf Cookbook
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About the Reviewers

Ladislav Gažo is a long-time computer enthusiast who has enjoyed digging into the software world from a very young age. He has more than 12 years of professional experience in development and software engineering. While experimenting with computer graphics and network administration, he realized that his true path is in the combination of software engineering and business. He has been developing, analyzing, and architecting Java-based, desktop-based, and modern web-based solutions for several years. The application of the agile approach and advanced technology is part of his hobby and day-to-day job.

Rich experience with various technologies led Ladislav to cofound Seges—a software development company based in Slovakia. He actively participates in start up events and helps building development communities, namely Google Developer Group and Java Group, in Slovakia. With his colleagues, he designed and spinned off an interactive content management solution called Synapso, utilizing contemporary technologies combined with the user experience in mind.

Sachin Handiekar is a senior software developer with over five years of experience in Java EE development. He graduated in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich, London, and currently works for a global consulting company, developing enterprise applications using various open source technologies such as Apache Camel, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, and ZooKeeper.

He is very interested in open source projects and has contributed code to Apache Camel and developed plugins for Spring Social, which can be found at GitHub (

He also actively writes about enterprise application development on his blog (

Arun Manivannan has been trying hard to write better programs for over 10 years, with little luck. His languages of choice are Java and Scala, but he meddles around with various others, just for kicks. He is one of DZone's Most Valuable Bloggers and blogs at His interests include enterprise integration, information retrieval, and NoSQL databases.

Arun holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from National University of Singapore. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, a Master's degree in Computer Applications, and a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management from a business school.

Charlie Mordant is an experienced JEE software architect, enterprise architecture and Eclipse Modeling consultant, and is also an OSS contributor (OPS4J and an unlimited number of tickets to Apache, JBoss, Linux, and Eclipse).

He is a polyglot programmer and DevOPS enthusiast (Java, OSGi, EMF, AngularJS, Maven, Chef, and Docker) and also the creator of an Apache-licensed OSGi to roughly-EE bridge (the Osgiliath enterprise framework). He does his best to encourage large companies to embrace modularity.

Currently, he is working at Obeo, the Eclipse Modeling leaders.