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GitLab Cookbook

By : Jeroen van Baarsen
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GitLab Cookbook

By: Jeroen van Baarsen

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GitLab Cookbook
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Using webhooks

GitLab allows you to set up webhooks that will be triggered every time a certain type of event is launched. In this recipe, we will take a look at how you can set up these webhooks yourself and how you can test whether they work without building a complete script around it.

How to do it…

In the following steps, we will configure the webhooks:

  1. Log in to your GitLab instance as a project owner.

  2. Go to the project for which you want to enable webhooks.

  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Click on Web hooks in the left-hand side menu.

  5. Here, you see the form that you can use to set up the webhooks. As we won't be writing a script to catch these events, we will be using a web service that enables us to catch the events.

  6. As we want to have a place to test the webhook without having to create a lot of software for it, we are going to use a service called RequestBin. Go to and click on Create a RequestBin.

  7. This will give you an endpoint URL, as shown in the following screenshot:

  8. Copy the URL...