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Apache ZooKeeper Essentials

By : Saurav Haloi
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Apache ZooKeeper Essentials

By: Saurav Haloi

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Apache ZooKeeper Essentials
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Performing Common Distributed System Tasks


In this chapter, we got acquainted with how ZooKeeper runs as a core component inside many software systems for providing distributed coordination and synchronization. We saw how the data and API model of ZooKeeper along with the recipes help other software systems to achieve their functionality. We also read about the usage of ZooKeeper by many big organizations in their production clusters.

Finally, we have reached the end of this wonderful journey of reading and learning the essentials about Apache ZooKeeper. I believe that by now, you have attained a firm grasp over the various topics on ZooKeeper, which we discussed so far in this book. Apache ZooKeeper is a mature software project, yet it is evolving everyday due to wide adoption and community traction. You are advised to follow the project to find out more about the enhancements and new features that are added to it from time to time. Also, it is recommended that you participate in the ZooKeeper project by subscribing to the...