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YARN Essentials

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YARN Essentials

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YARN Essentials
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Administration of YARN

Now, we will take a look at some YARN basic administration configurations, basically from Hadoop 2.0. YARN was introduced and made changes in Hadoop configuration files. Hadoop and YARN have the following basic configuration files:

  • core-default.xml: This file contains properties related to the system.

  • hdfs-default.xml: This file contains HDFS-related configurations.

  • mapred-default.xml: This configuration file contains properties related to the YARN MapReduce framework.

  • yarn-default.xml: This file contains YARN-related properties.

You will find all these properties listed on the Apache website ( in the configuration section, with detailed information on each property and its default and possible values.

Administrative tools

YARN has several administrative tools by default; you can find them using the rmadmin command. Here is a more detailed explanation of the ResourceManager admin command:

$ yarn rmadmin -help

The rmadmin command...