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Gradle Dependency Management

By : Hubert Klein Ikkink
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Gradle Dependency Management

By: Hubert Klein Ikkink

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Gradle Dependency Management
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Resolving version conflicts

Our previous examples were simple and only contained one dependency with some transitive dependencies. When we add more dependencies to our project, or have a multimodule project where each project has a lot of dependencies, then it can happen that the same dependency or transitive dependency is included multiple times. Gradle detects this and makes sure that the dependency is only downloaded once. We will see more about the advanced dependency cache management in Gradle later.

The trouble begins when the same dependency is included multiple times but with different versions. Which version of the dependency should be used? This is where Gradle's resolution strategy comes into play. The next table shows the resolution strategies that Gradle has:




The newest version of a conflicting dependency is used. This is the default strategy used by Gradle. If the versions of the conflicting dependency are backward compatible, this works fine.