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Gradle Dependency Management

By : Hubert Klein Ikkink
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Gradle Dependency Management

By: Hubert Klein Ikkink

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Gradle Dependency Management
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Using archive task artifacts

In the following example build file, we define a new publication with the name publishJar, and we define the output of the jar archive task as an artifact:

apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
apply plugin: 'java'

// Configuration block for publishing
// artifacts from the project.
publishing {

  // Define publications with what
  // needs to be published.
  publications {

    // Name of this publication
    // is publishJar.
    publishJar(MavenPublication) {

      // Use output of jar task
      // as the artifact for
      // the publication.
      artifact jar

      // Alternatively we can use
      // a Map notation:
      // artifact source: jar


Next, we will run the tasks task and, in the output, we will be able to see newly generated tasks for publishing this publication:

$ gradle tasks
Publishing tasks
generatePomFileForPublishJarPublication - Generates the Maven POM file for publication 'publishJar'.
publish - Publishes...