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WiX Cookbook

By : Nicholas Matthew Ramirez
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WiX Cookbook

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By: Nicholas Matthew Ramirez

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WiX Cookbook
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Spinning up a new application pool in IIS

The first step when adding a website to IIS is to configure the application pool that it will run in. This isolates the site from others on the server for better stability and security. On the stability front, each app pool runs its own worker process that, should it die or be taken offline intentionally, won't affect the others. As for security, you can customize the user account that the app pool process runs as. This way, you can give one website more or less access than another.

Getting ready

Create a new setup project and name it AppPoolInstaller.

How to do it...

In this recipe, we will add a new application pool to IIS. We'll configure its name, version of the .NET CLR to use, and the user account to run as. Perform the following steps:

  1. Add IIsExtension to the project by right-clicking on the References node in Solution Explorer and going to Add Reference... | WixIIsExtension.dll | Add | OK.

  2. Add the IIsExtension namespace to the Wix element: