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WiX Cookbook

By : Nicholas Matthew Ramirez
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WiX Cookbook

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By: Nicholas Matthew Ramirez

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WiX Cookbook
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Adding a website to IIS that runs under your app pool

Adding a website to IIS lets us serve content, such as HTML pages, to users when they navigate to a certain URL in their browsers. In this recipe, we'll add a website that contains a Default.htm page. IIS looks for a page with this name to display first. Our website will run in a new application pool.

Getting ready

Perform the following steps to prepare for this recipe:

  1. Create a new setup project and name it WebsiteInstaller.

  2. Add IIsExtension to the project by right-clicking on the References node in Solution Explorer and going to Add Reference... | WixIIsExtension.dll | Add | OK.

  3. Add the IIsExtension namespace to the Wix element:

    <Wix xmlns=""
  4. Add an application pool, as we did in the previous recipe, so that we can later assign our website to it. Set its Id attribute to MyAppPool.

  5. Add an HTML file to the project so that we'll have a page...