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WiX Cookbook

By : Nicholas Matthew Ramirez
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WiX Cookbook

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By: Nicholas Matthew Ramirez

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WiX Cookbook
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Installing a shortcut that opens a web page

In the previous recipes, we added a shortcut to our software on the Start menu. We can also add a shortcut to a web page—perhaps one where the user can find information about other related products. It's a great way to keep the resources front and center. In this recipe, we'll add a shortcut to the Start menu that opens the website,

Getting ready

To prepare for this recipe, create a new setup project and name it WebPageShortcutInstaller.

How to do it...

Include an InternetShortcut element from UtilExtension to create a shortcut to a website, as shown in the following steps:

  1. Add UtilExtension to the project by right-clicking on the References node in Solution Explorer and navigating to Add Reference... | WixUtilExtension.dll | Add | OK.

  2. Add the util namespace to the Wix element:

    <Wix xmlns="" 
  3. Use the Directory elements to...