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WiX Cookbook

By : Nicholas Matthew Ramirez
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WiX Cookbook

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By: Nicholas Matthew Ramirez

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WiX Cookbook
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Adding a wizard to guide users through the installation

UIExtension is where we can find several premade user interfaces to guide users through the installation. Here are five premade user interfaces: WixUI_Advanced, WixUI_FeatureTree, WixUI_InstallDir, WixUI_Mondo, and WixUI_Minimal. Each has some unique features. For example, WixUI_InstallDir lets you change the target install directory and WixUI_Mondo gives users the option to install a typical, custom, or complete setup. WixUI_Minimal is the easiest to get started with, since it only has one dialog. In this recipe, we'll add it to our setup project to give you a feel of how it works.

Getting ready

To prepare for this recipe, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new setup project and call it InstallerWithWizard.

  2. For the installer to complete successfully, you should add at least one file to it. Add a file called Sample.txt and then include a Component and File element for it:

    <ComponentGroup Id="ProductComponents"