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Puppet Cookbook - Third Edition

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Puppet Cookbook - Third Edition

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Puppet Cookbook Third Edition
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About the Reviewers

Dhruv Ahuja is a senior DevOps engineer at a leading financial data vendor. He specializes in software delivery optimization and infrastructure automation. He also holds a master's degree in advanced software engineering from King's College London, and won the Red Hat UK Channel Consultant of the Year award in 2012 for delivering progressive solutions. A long history in software development and systems administration equip him with aptness in both areas. In this era of infrastructure as code, he believes that declarative abstraction and accurate interfaces are key to a scalable business software lifecycle process.

James Fryman is an information technologist who builds, designs, curates, and evangelizes automation in all layers of the IT stack. Over the last decade, James has held roles in information technology that includes the domains of information security, service delivery, IT operations, IT development, and IT management. He has learned through these experiences the importance of automation in all facets of information technology to accelerate delivery, and reduce human errors throughout an application lifecycle. He is also a frequent speaker on the topic of automation at conferences throughout the world.

Now a senior DevOps engineer at StackStorm, James most recently worked at GitHub assisting in the development and curation of systems scaling within the Operations group.

Jeroen Hooyberghs is an open source and Linux consultant, working for Open-Future in Belgium. In this position, as well as when he was involved in Linux system administration, he has built up technical expertise in a lot of open source solutions, such as Puppet. In 2014, he became a Puppet Certified Professional and official Puppet trainer. As a reviewer, he also contributed to Mastering Puppet, Thomas Uphill, Packt Publishing.

Pedro Morgado holds a master's degree in informatics and computing engineering at FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto) and did his master's thesis on object-oriented patterns and service-oriented patterns.

Since 2009, he has been working with several different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, which includes the main object-oriented programming languages such as PHP, Python, C/C++, Java, and JavaScript, as well as web languages such as HTML, JSON, and XML. He has worked with different database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL, and SQL Server, and also with different caching systems and search engines.

He has worked as an IT consultant in the banking field for a year, and has built a recommendation system (data mining and text mining) as a research assistant at INESC (Technology and Science-Associated Laboratory) where he worked for a period of 1 year. Finally, he focused on web projects as a technical lead at Rocket Internet AG, for which he built scalable systems for FoodPanda, CupoNation, Camudi, and Lamudi. Due to his experience, he has specialized in project management and product development based in an e-commerce area. For more information, take a look at his LinkedIn account (