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Mastering OpenStack

By : Omar Khedher
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Mastering OpenStack

By: Omar Khedher

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Mastering OpenStack
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Extending OpenStack – Advanced Networking Features and Deploying Multi-tier Applications

Benchmarking OpenStack at scale

You still have one last step left to accomplish the production day mission. As the title of this book promises, we will ensure that our design and deployment are done well by testing our OpenStack scalability.

In other words, we will make sure that our private cloud keeps functioning as it faces a huge amount of workload or sudden sizing changes of resources. We keep our smiley users' faces. How we can do that? We will benchmark our OpenStack environment.

Bear in mind that benchmarking OpenStack is not an option, but it's highly demanded. This is when you can rate both your design and deployment:

  • Determine what sort of improvements should be made from the hardware or software perspective

  • Rate our OpenStack private cloud by analyzing how other cloud providers achieve a high performance level

  • Improve our OpenStack performance environment based on the collected information from the benchmarking results

Generally, benchmarking a computer application is a slightly complicated...