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Mastering OpenStack

By : Omar Khedher
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Mastering OpenStack

By: Omar Khedher

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Mastering OpenStack
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Extending OpenStack – Advanced Networking Features and Deploying Multi-tier Applications

Choosing the storage

While dealing with the different storage systems within OpenStack, you may wonder which outfit would be the best for your storage solution. Based on our previous discussions, you should proceed into the next stage and discard a few questions and scenarios to validate your choice.

Why should your environment support block storage and why not object storage? Should you rely on the compute nodes to store your persistent storage drives? Alternatively, will the external nodes be more convenient, taking your budget into consideration? What about performance? Do the internal users need only reliable storage? Should they turn a blind eye to its performance capabilities? Do you need real redundant storage to meet the requirements of data-loss scenarios?

As you can see, we throttled a lot of questions. This can be done to a great extent. Does it sound like an investigation series? Let's keep it simple and bring our case under the microscope. Keep in mind that it will be one of many...