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Zabbix Cookbook

By : Patrik Uytterhoeven, patrik uytterhoeven
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Zabbix Cookbook

By: Patrik Uytterhoeven, patrik uytterhoeven

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Zabbix Cookbook
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What to expect in Zabbix 3.0

  • First of all, it's important to understand that if you are running Zabbix 2.4, you will lose support from Zabbix as 2.4 is not a long term release such as 2.2. So, it's probably wise to upgrade.

  • The 2.x series will come to an end, there will be no Zabbix 2.6 coming out, and Zabbix will move on to version 3.0.

  • So what can we expect from Zabbix version 3.0? So far, it seems that Zabbix 3.0 will continue for focus on improvements. A full overview of what is already added can be found on the Zabbix webpage:

  • In 3.0, a major improvement will be full encryption between Zabbix server, clients, and proxies.

  • SNMP discovery has been improved to support the low-level discovery of multiple OIDs.

  • Finally, no more dropdown menu for mass editing, enable, disable, and delete. Instead we now have real buttons.

  • The API has been partially moved to the server side:

  • Many other improvements are being made for Zabbix 3.0. A full list of what's new can be found here:

  • I think that we can expect in the upcoming 3.x releases some interesting improvements, but I will not make any predictions here. To get a good idea what Zabbix will try to improve or add, I suggest you watch Alexei's latest presentation from the Zabbix conference where he points out a few shortcomings and annoyances of Zabbix that he wants to improve over the coming years: