Mastering FreeSWITCH

Mastering FreeSWITCH

Mastering FreeSWITCH
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Chapter 3. ITSP and Voice Codecs Optimization

This chapter reveals the most important things to consider when connecting voice traffic to FreeSWITCH — what you want to check out in an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) to get the best resulting quality and more bang for your bucks.

In a fiercely competitive market, many operators are floating different products and offers, targeted to the general public, to companies of a specific size, or to vertical markets.

Here you'll find an explanation of what can actually make a difference for you and your users and customers, apart from price points.

In this chapter, we will cover:

  • ITSPs – what they do

  • Routes (to numbers)

  • DIDs (aka DDIs) — for example, numbers

  • Quality

  • Support

  • Additional features (T38, Caller ID, Overlay)

  • Integration APIs

  • Codec gotchas

  • High definition audio, stereo

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