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Salt Cookbook

By : Anirban Saha
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Salt Cookbook

By: Anirban Saha

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Salt Cookbook
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After going through an exciting chapter on actual Salt implementations, it's now time for us to move on to more advanced tasks on infrastructure management. However, at the present time, we have to keep in mind that using configuration management and orchestration tools are no longer limited to just infrastructure management, it has moved deeper into other departments, such as development.

At the present time, using code repositories are a must for any dynamic organization, and they come with challenges and complexities of their own. To some extent, Salt tries to address the management process of code repositories and provides methods to implement and use them efficiently in an infrastructure.

In this chapter, you will move on to learn advanced topics such as managing package repositories, package management with most of the well-known package managers available, managing files and services, and various methods about how to manage and use code repositories. Let's dive in and explore...