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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook

By : Marco Schwartz
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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook

By: Marco Schwartz

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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook
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Connecting a digital sensor

In this recipe, we are going to see how to use a digital sensor with the Intel Galileo board. Digital sensors are also widely used in electronics, from the simple motion sensor that we will use in this recipe, to more complex digital sensors such as the 3-axis digital accelerometers that can be found in smartphones.

Getting ready

For this recipe we will be using a simple PIR motion sensor. You can find this sensor at

How to do it...

We are now going to assemble our project. Just as for previous recipes, first connect the power supply from the Galileo board to the breadboard.

Then, connect the PIR motion sensor to the breadboard. Connect the red wire (the left wire in the schematic, on pin number 1) from the motion sensor to the red power rail, and the black wire (the right wire in the picture) to the blue power rail.

Finally, connect the yellow (signal) wire in the middle of the PIR motion sensor to pin number 7 on the Galileo...