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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook

By : Marco Schwartz
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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook

By: Marco Schwartz

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Intel Galileo Networking Cookbook
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Connecting an LCD screen

We are going to connect an LCD screen to the Galileo board in this recipe. This LCD screen will be used to display useful information. In this recipe, we will simply see how to use the LCD screen. We will use an LCD screen that has a built-in I2C interface for this project, as they are really easy to use with the Galileo board.

Getting ready

For this project, you will need an LCD screen. I used a 4 x 20 lines LCD screen with an I2C interface (a SainSmart I2C LCD screen 4 x 20). You can use a smaller LCD screen, but you really need one with an I2C interface or it won't work. The link to the LCD screen I used for this project is

For the software, you will also need the library to control the I2C LCD screen we are using in this project:

To install this library, simply put the downloaded folder...