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Learning Puppet for Windows Server

By : Fuat Ulugay
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Learning Puppet for Windows Server

By: Fuat Ulugay

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Learning Puppet for Windows Server
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Updating the Puppet agents

One of the challenging tasks we may have is to update of the Puppet agents. Before updating the agents, ensure that the agent version is never higher than the server version. Thus, we should first start updating our server.

Updating the server

Before updating your server, ensure that you have a backup. The easiest method to update is to write the following commands. These two commands will update your Linux server and if there are any updates related to Foreman and Puppet, they will also be implemented:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade -y

The following screenshot shows that there are many updates for the server:

After some major updates, the server may require a restart. In this case, write the following command to restart your server:

$ sudo reboot

To check the Puppet Server version, write the following command:

$ puppet --version

The following screenshot shows the output for the Puppet version. As you can see, it is 3.8.1 in the server:

Updating the agents...