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Learning VMware vCloud Air

By : Yohan Wadia
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Learning VMware vCloud Air

By: Yohan Wadia

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Learning VMware vCloud Air
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Connecting virtual machines to the Internet

With your virtual machines all set with their networks, you can now connect them to the external world using these simple steps for the scenarios shown:


IMPORTANT: Make sure that your virtual machine is connected to the routed network and in a powered-on state. Also, make sure you have assigned a public IP address to the gateway as we did earlier in this chapter.


We have a production Web Server called as PROD-HTTP-1, deployed on the vCloud Air portal. This is a CentOS 6.5 64 bit vanilla virtual machine connected to the default-routed network as shown below. We need to connect this virtual machine to the Internet so that:

  • We can install the necessary Apache Web Server packages (httpd)

  • We can connect and view the Web Server from our local desktops using the Internet as shown:

To get started, we first need to add a couple of NAT rules and open up the firewall ports on the gateway, so that our virtual machine can connect to the internet.