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Learning VMware vCloud Air

By : Yohan Wadia
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Learning VMware vCloud Air

By: Yohan Wadia

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Learning VMware vCloud Air
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Best practices and tips

Here are a few simple best practices that you should keep in mind when designing or building disaster recovery services using vCloud Air:

  • Assess your applications and plan for disaster recovery. Not all applications are alike and not all of them have a similar RPO as well. You can group applications that have some common traits then create disaster recovery plans and SLAs specifically for them.

  • Be prepared for a disaster at all times. Run periodic disaster recovery tests from your on-premise to vCloud Air and vice versa. Remember to document the process as well.

  • Make sure you have an adequate and dedicated bandwidth to perform a disaster recovery. A poor bandwidth connection to your vCloud Air can have a negative impact on the virtual machine's RPO and RTO.

  • Keep a disaster recovery always simple if you want it to work out well. Designing and maintaining a simple, concise disaster recovery plan will increase your chances of a successful failover and recovery.