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Linux Shell Scripting Essentials

By : Sinny Kumari, Khem Raj
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Linux Shell Scripting Essentials

By: Sinny Kumari, Khem Raj

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Linux Shell Scripting Essentials
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Modularizing your scripts

While writing a shell script, there is one stage when we feel that a shell script file has become too big to read and manage. To avoid such a scenario in our shell script, it is very important to keep the script modular.

In order to keep the script modular and maintainable, you can do the following:

  • Create functions instead of writing the same code again and again

  • Write a common set of functions and variables in a separate script and then source to use it

We have already seen how to define and use a function in Chapter 3, Effective Script Writing. Here, we will see how to divide a bigger script into smaller shell script modules and then use them by sourcing. In other words, we can say creating libraries in bash.

Source to a script file

Source is a shell built in command that reads and executes a script file in the current shell environment. If a script calls a source on another script file, all functions and variables available in that file will be loaded for use in calling...