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Apache Maven Cookbook

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Apache Maven Cookbook

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Apache Maven Cookbook
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Using the Maven SCM plugin

Maven provides a mechanism to interact with SCM systems in a vendor-independent way. Typically, a Maven project is checked in an SCM. Using the Maven SCM plugin, you can perform a number of SCM-related activities.

Getting ready

The Maven project that we want to use the plugin with should be in an SCM. Maven supports a number of SCM providers. We will use Git to illustrate this.

How to do it...

  1. Add the following code to your pom file:

         <developerConnection>scm:git:https://[email protected]/maruhgar/apache-maven-cookbook</developerConnection>
  2. Run the following command:

    mvn scm:status
  3. Observe the output in Windows:

  4. For Linux, the output will be as follows:

How it works...

When the status goal of the Maven SCM plugin is run, it uses the...