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Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook

By : Matthias Marschall
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Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook

By: Matthias Marschall

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Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook Second Edition
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Installing software from source

If you need to install a piece of software that is not available as a package for your platform, you will need to compile it yourself.

In Chef, you can easily do this by using the script resource. What is more challenging is to make such a script resource idempotent.

In the following recipe, we will see how to do both.

Getting ready

Make sure that you have a cookbook called my_cookbook and that the run_list of your node includes my_cookbook, as described in the Creating and using cookbooks recipe in Chapter 1, Chef Infrastructure.

Retrieve the required cookbooks:

  1. Add them to your Berksfile:

    mma@laptop:~/chef-repo $ subl Berksfile
    source ''
    cookbook 'apt'
    cookbook 'build-essential'
  2. Install it on your local workstation:

    mma@laptop:~/chef-repo $ berks install
    Resolving cookbook dependencies...
    Fetching cookbook index from
    Installing build-essential (2.1.3)
    Installing apt (2.6.1)
  3. Upload it to your Chef...