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Monitoring Docker

By : Russ McKendrick
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Monitoring Docker

By: Russ McKendrick

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This book will show you how monitoring containers and keeping a keen eye on the working of applications helps improve the overall performance of the applications that run on Docker. With the increased adoption of Docker containers, the need to monitor which containers are running, what resources they are consuming, and how these factors affect the overall performance of the system has become the need of the moment. This book covers monitoring containers using Docker's native monitoring functions, various plugins, as well as third-party tools that help in monitoring. Well start with how to obtain detailed stats for active containers, resources consumed, and container behavior. We also show you how to use these stats to improve the overall performance of the system. Next, you will learn how to use SysDig to both view your containers performance metrics in real time and record sessions to query later. By the end of this book, you will have a complete knowledge of how to implement monitoring for your containerized applications and make the most of the metrics you are collecting
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Monitoring Docker
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As I mentioned at the start of this chapter, Sysdig is probably one of the most powerful tools I have come across in recent years.

Part of its power is the way that it exposes a lot of information and metrics in a way that never feels overwhelming. It's clear that the developers have spent a lot of time ensuring that both the UI and the way that commands are structured feel natural and instantly understandable, even by the newest member of an operations team.

The only downside is that, unless you want to view the information in real time or look into a problem in development storing the amount of data that is being generated by Sysdig, it can be quite costly in terms of disc space being used.

This is something that Sysdig has recognized, and to help with this, the company offers a cloud-based commercial service called Sysdig Cloud for you to stream your Sysdig data into. In the next chapter, we will look at this service and also some of its competitors.