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Implementing VMware Horizon 7 - Second Edition

By : Jason Ventresco
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Implementing VMware Horizon 7 - Second Edition

By: Jason Ventresco

Overview of this book

VMware Horizon 7 has been a buzz since it was announced. One of the major reasons is the introduction of the new Instant Clones feature. This book will complement the product documentation by providing real-life examples of how it is implemented along with the latest features and components of the platform. We'll explore the latest features of the platform, including those added through product acquisitions such as User Environment Manager and App Volumes. Further on, you will also be introduced to the new capabilities added to the core product such Linked-Clone RDS pools. Upon completion of this book, you will have an understanding of the capabilities and benefits VMware Horizon can provide to your organization, and how each of its components are implemented.
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Implementing VMware Horizon 7 Second Edition
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VMware Horizon licensing

VMware Horizon offers four different license levels: Standard, Linux, Advanced, and Enterprise. Additionally, the Advanced and Enterprise licenses may be purchased as named user (NU) or concurrent connection user (CCU) as needed. Named user licenses are recommended when your staff needs dedicated access to Horizon; concurrent connection user licenses are recommended when access to Horizon will be shared among many users, but only a portion of them will be connected at any one time.

The license levels are differentiated by several factors as outlined in the following section. The licenses themselves are sold in 10 and 100 packs.

  • All VMware Horizon license levels include VMware Horizon, vCenter, and vSphere Desktop Edition.

    • vSphere Desktop Edition is similar to vSphere Enterprise Plus in terms of functionality, but allows an unlimited number of CPU sockets for the desktop ESXi servers.

  • VMware ThinApp is included with all versions except the Linux edition

  • Standard and Linux offer similar features, the only difference is the desktop OS they are licensed for.

    • Horizon Enterprise edition supports both Windows and Linux desktop OSs under the same license.

  • Advanced and Enterprise includes licenses for VMware Mirage, Fusion Pro, Identity Manager Standard Edition, application publishing using Windows RDS servers, and VMware Virtual SAN Advanced.

  • Enterprise includes licenses for Horizon Instant Clones, VMware App Volumes, User Environment Manager, vRealize Operations for Horizon, and the vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for VMware Horizon.

Visit the VMware Horizon website ( for the most recent information concerning licensing options and their costs.


It is important to note that many of the components, particularly those included with either the Advanced or Enterprise licenses, can be licensed separately. When determining which licenses to buy it may be that you don't need all of the features, for all of your users, and that buying a smaller stand-alone license for those users makes sense from a cost perspective. Consult with VMware or your VMware vendor to determine the optimal licensing strategy for your organization.

When listing the different components included with each VMware Horizon license level you may have noticed that not all of them will be discussed in this book. The primary focus of this book is on VMware Horizon View itself, and those components of VMware Horizon are most commonly used to extend its capabilities and potential use cases. For information about those components consult the following VMware resources:

  • VMware Fusion Pro (

  • VMware Horizon Air (

  • VMware Horizon FLEX (

  • VMware Identity Manager Standard Edition (

  • VMware Mirage (

  • VMware ThinApp (

  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for VMware Horizon (


This link is for the previous version of the plugin; a new version with support for Horizon 7 should be available by the time this book reaches publication.

  • VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon (